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About me

« Nothing has more soul, is more noble and refined than an object made entirely by hand. »


The Totem collection is composed by vases, lamps, suspensions, light sculptures, bowls and candles. Marie-Victoire Winckler can also create tailor made objects (tables, rugs...). Contact her.

My world

Contemporary design


When I draw, work with materials and play with color, I feel like I'm dancing. I often work at night with music that accompanies me in my creative process. The one I choose transmits to me a certain energy that will be embodied in my work. The gesture is precise, but free. When I create, I do a lot of things that lead to nothing. Among all these experiments, certain objects emerge that come to mind in flashes: the projects that work are often born from these ideas. I drew the vases of my Totem collection in a few seconds, the result of multiple research and long observations. I immediately felt that this design offered a wide range of possibilities.

When I create objects, I try to reproduce what nature inspires and transmits to me. In Portugal, in the workshops of my glassblowers, I often guide them.


I transmit to them the energy that I have received, and they transmit theirs to the object. There is an intention behind each object, a part of chance: this is what gives them a singularity, and a certain mystery.

And craft techniques

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Crédit : Nicolas Appicella

To understand my creative process in depth, I invite you to listen to the interview given to Hélène Aguilar in her podcast  

Où est le beau.  



122 rue de Grenelle, 75010, Paris


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