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Applique Tromb On


TROMB ON North side.jpg

In 2016, Marie-Victoire Winckler went to Poland to design the furniture for a 1930s house in Warsaw. By observing the staircase banister of the building, she designed the Tromb On wall lamp, a drawing inspiration from the geometric curves that characterized this era. The structure of the lamp is now entirely made in France and the blown glass globe comes from Italy.

Table Point Carré

Marble, a noble and classic material, has been widely used to create interior space designs. It is here applied to small indoor tables, as a reference to the past. The drawing, according to the position of the pieces, forms a three-dimensional pattern that can be composed in several ways, thus forming a kinetic space.



In 2016, Marie-Victoire Winckler left for Afghanistan and created the Walter centerpieces. This drawing is inspired by the singularity of the techniques of the Afghan moucharabieh and the modernity of the Bauhaus designs from the 1920s, a movement founded by Walter Gropius. Marie-Victoire appreciates excellence and creativity of these craftsmen : she likes to find a union between East and West in this common work. With the Walter centerpieces, she creates a kind of contemporary "table jewel".

Screen La Marsa


During her trip to Tunisia, Marie-Victoire stayed in the Marsa district of Tunis. She noticed the beauty of the studded wooden doors typical of the Tunisian identity. She began to dream of objects using this technique and decided to design a screen. She applied the floral design of one of her friends to a blue green velvet screen. The La Marsa screen is finally sold by the Slow house in Tunis.

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