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Things To Write About In A High School Newspaper

A newspaper can be a great way to teach students about reading, writing, and journalism. It can also help the student body stay informed about.

  • For School Essays. Is Going Green just an Advertising Façade; Teen Eating Disorders; Attitudes of Students Toward Other Obese Students; Facebook – Positives and Negatives; How Much Homework is Too Much? Laptop Use in School; Student Definitions of Various Philosophies; How Fast Foods are Making US a Fatter Country; Importance of Sex.

  • These are the kinds of stories that typically make the front page. Look for issues and developments that make a difference in the lives of students, and then think of the causes and consequences of those events. For instance, let's say your college decides to raise student tuition.

  • Some of the most popular ones were: Coverage of school events: things like dances that took place, homecoming week, sports events, etc. (any type of hard news works) Opinion pieces of world current events: simply anything that’s.

Things To Write About In A High School Newspaper - Essay Help 24x7

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