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JTW_0175_vase compo rose vert


In May 2016 Marie-Victoire Winckler starts her Totem collection of vases and suspension lampes. She begins her research in Tunisia where she founds very textured blown glass and traditional ceramics, but it is in Portugal that she is producing today with the excellency of the portugues craft.

The idea is to take traditional technics and high light them with a modern design mixing different material.

Sourcing for technics she finds special blown glass with very special textures and traditional ceramic. 

The Totem collection, composed of glass-blown vases, lamps and bowls uses glass as a textile, dressing the objects and ceramics like ornamental accessories.

The ceramic ring can be interchanged, making each piece absolutely unique depending on the chosen composition. This singularity is reinforced by the pattern formed by the glass blowers’ breath, that differs with each object.

The particularity of this glass finds its place in ambiguity, between fabric and marble, between soft and rigid, equally reminiscent of a stormy sky and a pool bathed in light. Depending on the light of the day, the material takes on different lives, oscillating between translucent and opaque.

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